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The MERCURY is a plate carrier from Sioen, designed in a compact way to provide maximum comfort and flexibility. This plate carrier gives you the option of carrying hard bullet-resistant plates on the front and back of the hull. MOLLE system over the entire surface allowing a large payload for such a small surface. Very easy to put on, good freedom of movement, easy to adjust thanks to Velcro straps on the shoulders and a buckle system on the sides. The buckles for the shoulder belts are on the back, clearing the front of large obstructing buckles and allowing comfortable shouldering of a rifle. A 3D tunnel spacer liner gives the feeling of great comfort. The Mercuri is also equipped with Velcro to attach any type of identification badges, there is also a dorsal extraction strap on it. An internal fastening system of the hard plates ensures good positioning of the plates, also during chases.

Hard body armor plate level NIJ-IV in combination with NIJ-3A (04) or HG2-KR2-SP2 soft body armor or package.

Double bent. Follows the shape of the chest well.
Standard dimensions: 250x300 mm.
Weight: 2.9 kg.
7.62x63mm AP (30-06)
7.62 x 51mm AP (FAL)
7.62x39mm AP (AK-47)
5.56x45mm AP (M16)

Working principle, bullet hits the hard bulletproof plate, deforms, breaks and crushes. These crushed bullet fragments pass through the bulletproof plate NIJ-4 ICW and are collected by the soft bulletproof vest that is worn underneath. This does cause a minor trauma injury that is unpleasant but harmless. This NIJ-4 ICW plate is relatively thin.

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