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Cut resistant T-shirt with short sleeves and Coolmlax lining VBR-Belgium

Item No.: TS-CC-HSL (2017b)

Cheap top quality cut-resistant t-shirts.


This type cut resistant T-shirt is the third generation of technical construction methods by which the disadvantages of previous generations of cut-resistant T-shirts were worked away to increase the comfort, safety and durability This new cut-resistant T-shirt is made of two layers has several important advantages to offer.


First, this cut-resistant T-shirt is made from the highest quality of industrial cut-resistant tissue. The typical gray cut-resistant tissues ranging from light grey to dark grey, differences in quality, with the darkest fabric is of the highest quality and has been appointed by us Cutyarn. (Cut resistant Yarns). The cut resistance of this tissue is EN 388 level 5, so of the highest quality. Most police services reject for the moment the cutting resistance level 2 in favor of the higher cut-resistant protection level 5.


This third generation of cut-resistant clothing is sewn with securing machine stitches, ensuring that there are no loose cut-resistant wires can escape out the stitches. This is very important, because in the first generation cut-resistant t-shirts the cut-resistant tissues could come loose and cause irritation to the eyes and respiratory tract.


This third generation of cut-resistant clothing features a Coolmax internal liner over the whole surface that has two main functions. First of all , the purpose of an inner liner is to prevent that the cut-resistant fabric comes directly into contact with the skin . The first generation of cut-resistant t-shirts had no internal lining, which causing friction with the skin that sprang up difficult to cure wounds caused by friction under the armpits, arms and sides of the torso. This new generation cut-resistant t-shirt has a protective internal lining that causes no friction wounds. This protective inner lining is made of a gray active Coolmax fabrics which has a moisture management system which includes the further away perspiration from the body and performs body fluids rapidly vaporizes. This allowing the wearer to feel cooler and more comfortable . The direct contact with the Coolkmax on the skin has a fresh feel that is very much appreciated during the summer . These cut-resistant T - shirt can be worn either under or over clothing.


This product is the solution for personal protection in police , security and welfare , youth and outgoing environment and hazardous occupations at risk of cuts as the glass processing industry .

Injury from aggression by sharp objects can be largely prevented and reduced by wearing our cut-resistant protective clothing !
  • Ideal against a cutting attack with a knife or cutter.
  • Also suitable as protection against attacks with broken glasses or broken glass bottles and also useful as a protection against personal injury caused by the rupture of glass in the glass industry and the fire service .
  • Also provides protection against bites from patients or dogs . The incisors can not pass this cut-resistant fabric which a dog can bite no open wounds .

This third -generation cut-resistant T - shirt is washable without being cut resistant protection loses value after every wash . This is a durable product that you can have utility for years!

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