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VBR-PG-68-Spectra 5 / Cut and needle resistant glove / Doorkeeper VBR-Belgium

Item No.: VBR-PG-68-Spectra 5 (2017b)

The VBR-PG-68-Alpha Spectra 5 gloves were developed to meet the demand for a good cut and needle resistant protection for doormen and security guards. This with a view to go in battle against aggressors with knives, broken beer glasses and broken beer bottles. Many light protective gloves did fail for this mission. A solid and strong cut and puncture resistant glove was needed.


The inside of the glove is provided with a cut-resistant lining from Spectra of Honeywell Level 5. The palm, fingers and fingertips feature a Needle protection material which has a very good protection against fine needles from syringes. The index finger is also along the side provided with Needle protective material so this glove has a very good needle-proof protection to body searches of clothing or luggage. The cut resistant Spectra of Honeywell with the needle resistant protection on the palm and fingers are a big cut resistant protection for your fingers if caught on a knife. This VBR PG-68 Spectra 5 glove is a combination of a cut-resistant glove and a search glove ideal for the current tasks of a doorman or security guard.

This cut-and needle-resistant gloves are suitable for military, police and personal defense.


  • Needle-and cut-resistant palm, fingers and fingertips.
  • Needle forefinger well protected for searches.
  • Cut resistant protection for the entire hand
  • Great mobility and sensitivity
  • High-stretch knit support for good fit
  • Grip pads to help in the search
  • Dry clean.

Glove sizes of Turtleskin

Circumference of the hand US -size EU-size

152 - 178 mm                     XS          EU - 6

178 - 203 mm                       S           EU - 7

203 - 229 mm                       M          EU - 8

229 - 254 mm                        L          EU - 9

254 - 279 mm                      XL          EU - 10

279 - Plus mm                   2XL          EU - 11

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