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Bullet proof vest Ares / NIJ-2

Item No.: Ares-NIJ-2

Bulletproof Vest NIJ-2 model Ares (bulletproof vest class 2)

provides optimal comfort, convenience and flexibility. It is an anatomical design, which is suitable for both men and women. The Ares vest can be both above and under the clothing worn. The jacket provides protection to the front and rear and on the sides. Furthermore, this product includes fully adjustable, elasticated shoulders and waist using Velcro. This jacket also has a very high level of breathability, combined with heat and perspiration-regulating system. The advanced system "Siophase" regulates body heat by heat above 37 ° C to drain. This excess heat is stored in the fabric and then released when the body temperature drops below 37 ° C.


The protective value of these bulletproof vest under U.S. NIJ-2 standards. Our vest officially certified according to NIJ-2 offer protection against the calibers 9x19 mm NATO and .357 Magnum. (Also at lower energy bullets in the calibers, .22 LR to .32 ACP (7.62 mm Browning), 9 mm pistols with calibers from .380 ACP, 9mm Makarov 9x19 mm NATO, and .45 ACP calibers or revolvers. 38 Special to .357 Magnum with normal ammunition, fired from weapons with a short barrel. This is a realistic value protection against the most common pistols and revolvers that here in Europe in the crime-environmental use. In some cases, one must choose between a level NIJ-2 or level NIJ 3A. A NIJ 3A vest is in all respects heavier, more expensive .. and warmer to wear. A NIJ-2 jacket is lighter in all respects, less expensive and less heat. If the bulletproof vest must often be worn in a building (office / shop) and it is unlikely that large machine pistols or rifles will be used, preference is usually given to an NIJ-2 jacket.


X-Small: 30-32

Small: 32-36

Medium: 38-40

Large: 42-44

X-Large: 46-48

XX-Large: 50-52

XXX-Large: 54-56

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