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Kogelwerende vest Omega 2 Black / NIJ-3A(04)

Item No.: Omega-NIJ-3A-04-Z

The 75 Omega Tactical Modular Vest NIJ-3A(04) is a patented carrier system which was developed on the basis of the experience gained by German soldiers in Afghanistan. This vest has an exceptional technology that is patented by the German firm 75Tactical and many interesting possibilities. We can equip this cardigan with Belgian standard protective packages. This has the advantage that there are a variety of existing protection values ​​can be used without the need for additional production costs are incurred. This allows us the Omega vest with its unique technology to offer a good price / performance ratio.
These Omega II vest has soft ballistic packages NIJ-3A (04) which are certified for the calibers 9x19 mm - .44 magnum.
The Omega II vest Belgian composition has a front fastening with velcro and shortcuts that some unique opportunities. The shortcuts and Velcro may be used for a variety of accessories to confirm. This can range from a few modular items such as radio communication to a fully removable modular platform supporting multiple accessories can be attached. The Omega vest can be worn without-and with the removable loading platform. This provides the Omega II vest over a number of exceptional properties for multifunctional use and is suitable for both passive and active police use tactical and military use.

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