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Bulletproof vest Standard Overt Heracles NIJ-3A (04)

Item No.: SAT-Stan-Overt-Heracles-NIJ-3A(04)

The bullet proof vest Standard Overt Heracles NIJ-3A (04) without shoulder protection can be used by guard and security services as a general overt body armor that is worn over the garment. The standard overt vest Heracles uses the same carrier as the standard carrier that was developed specifically for the Belgian Police, but without the different patch for police. In principle, other patch can be posted here with the logo of the security or surveillance company. In many security services, the existing NIJ-3A (04) protection is still used. This standard Overt Heracles body armor has the two standard protective packages NIJ-3A (04) placed in the standard carrier. Front and rear. The standard Overt carrier offers the possibility to expand the vest further with additional shoulder protection. Some services needs extra protection on the shoulders and other services like a bulletproof vest without the extra shoulder protection.

The vest is suitable for overt to wear over the clothes and protects the front and back and on the sides. Furthermore, this product:


  • A lining in 3D (three-dimentional) tissue which makes for ventilation.
  • A lumbar cushion
  • An elastic in the left front to the right front of the place when closing.
  • An evacuation trade
  • Loops to the radio / micro wire lead under the left front.
  • Easily adjust the shoulder
  • An additional belt on the vest so that the equipment can be split between the service belt and the belt on the vest.
  • 2 large Napoleon pockets on the left and right sides of the vest.


The the protection value is under U.S. NIJ-3A(04) standards, where the 3A represents a ballistic protection against small arms calibers 9x19 mm and .44 Magnum with normal ammunition. This is a realistic value protection against the most common pistols and revolvers here in Europe are privately owned (bulletproof vest belgium). It is wrong to compare all NIJ 3A vests as simular. There are regular updates performed by the NIJ 3A standards. This ballistic packages meet the NIJ 0101.04 update (-04) and were the American standards in 2001. The American standards NIJ 3A (04) are still today here in Europe quite large utility. After all these vests NIJ-3A (04) stop all normal 9x19 mm cartridges and also the heavy .44 Magnum revolver bullets. This type of jackets is quite large utility because they resist the realistic situation in Belgium where the possession of heavy magnum revolvers is permitted for citizens. Here in Belgium, the heavy magnum revolvers become fequent for up to caliber .44 magnum. Also, our NIJ-3A (04) package includes the powerful 7.62x25 mm cartridges stop from the Russian TT-33 Tokarev pistols regularly in possession of foreign criminal gangs. This body armor also provides minimal protection against normal attacks with knives until 15 Joules . A bulletproof vest according to NIJ-3A (04) is lighter than a standard bullet-proof according to the new NIJ-3A (06) standards. The lower weight is an advantage factor in the choice of this type of protective package.-

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