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Cut resistant leather vest / VBR-KVL-91 / Black VBR-Belgium

Item No.: VBR-KVL-91
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Given the frequent occurrence of attacks with knives on security guards is the cut-resistant leather vest KVL-91 has several times been involved in attacks on security forces with knives so much so that one can speak of a typical trend in attacks with knives. An initial evaluation showed that in most of the attacks with knives, the security guard was stabbed in the back in the center of the back. This fact has given rise directly to the back of the KVL-91 jacket even better to protect. The cut-resistant leather vest KVL-91 is available from us in a VBR-Belgium embodiment in which we have a number of additional proposals were made to further improve the overall functionality. This vest is the VBR-KVL-91 jacket in our shop is available and where the VBR-Belgium logo.


An initial evaluation of the KVL-91 vest showed that an attacker with a knife at the front in most cases will arrive and that here may object. In an attack with a knife at the front, the agent can not defend themselves so that the attacker has the ability to exert large forces on the blade. In an attack with a knife at the rear, the security guard surprised and he has no opportunity to defend himself leaving with larger forces being stabbed with a knife. As a result of these facts, a number of practical proposals made by the French and German security firms to the KVL-91 jacket to improve a quality stab proof vest that complies to an efficient protection against current attacks with knives. On the evaluation of the cut-resistant leather vest KVL- 91 people came to the conclusion that the cut-resistant Cutyarn (Cut resistant yarns)  or Spectra protection level 5 on the front is sufficient but that most attacks with knives at a specific location in the center of the back done. In such an attack with a knife, the back of the cut-resistant vest leather damaged and needs to be replaced the entire vest. The latest innovation in the cut-resistant vest KVL-91 is the addition of an additional cut-resistant back protection which consists of an extra layer of Cutyarn  with an extra layer leather. This additional protection is sewn on the back and protected the center of the back. This extra layer of Cutyarn and learning has two major advantages. First, the conservation value at the rear doubled so that a knife attack with large forces can be stopped. Secondly, the additional cut-resistant panel has the advantage that it can easily replace words if it is damaged by an attack with a knife. In this case one should not replace the entire vest but only the back protection. The new innovation provides a higher cut resistant protection on the back and the advantage that damage to the jacket can easily be restored.


Even we as VBR-Belgium have some suggestions for the KVL-91 model to improve and make them suitable for the general public. These latest innovations are incorporated into the VBR-KVL-91 model. The inside of the jacket has a cut-resistant Cutyarn liner level 5. This protective and cut resistant lining over the entire surface of the jacket and also in the present arms. This provides the Cutyarn lining a cut-resistant protection comparable to the standard EN388 level 5 on the arms and torso and double protection on the back. Special Cutyarn liner provides a fairly high cut resistance that can withstand most attacks with penknives. The vest is ideal for security firms but also for ordinary citizens to wear as protection against attacks with knives if one rail or subway use to work, school or the office. The cut-resistant vest can be worn discreetly without anyone noticing that the leather jacket good cut resistant protection. The vest has no annoying feeling when worn and not while sitting on the train or in the car.

Watch our video about the VBR-KVL-91 jacket on Youtube but only here can you just order one!


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Cut resistant leather vest / VBR-KVL-91 / Black VBR-Belgium

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