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Stab and bullet proof vest QPC NIJ-3A(06)+KR1+NIJ-4

Item No.: Condor-QPC-NIJ3A06+KR1+NIJ4

Heavy bulletproof vest against FAL and Kalashnikov


The Condor Quick Release Plate Carrier is a simple yet very practical carrier with which has much to offer. First is the Condor QPC designed to carry both soft and hard ballistic ballistic plates.


The Condor QPC has a Quick Release system whose operation can be placed on the  left or right side. Features a Molle webbing over the entire surface where different modular accessories can be attached. Has two pockets for hard Ballistic plates that sit along the inside and are very discreet when worn under clothing. There is only one size who is adjustable from M to XXL. The vest is available in different colors including Black, Olive, Coyote, Multicam.


The Condor QPC vest can be used as air-soft equipment but is a professional carrier that can be fitted with our standard soft ballistic packages and hard ballistic plates as personal protection to travel to dangerous areas.


We can provide this vest  with our standard bullet-proof packets NIJ-3A (06) provides optimal comfort, convenience and flexibility and are suitable for all standard carriers. The rounded form of the side-flaps also ensures that they fit in a number of other carries.


Our packets  NIJ-3A (06) have been officially certified and offer protection against the caliber .357 SIG and .44 Magnum. The caliber .357 SIG is a bit heavier than the 9x19 mm NATO caliber. This higher level of protection provides enhanced protection against new and powerful 9mm + P + ammo. Of course this also provides protection against all lower level calibers. The Omega Vest NIJ 3A (06) meets the new international NIJ-3A (06) standards and is considered the best all-round protection against gun calibers.


This NIJ-3A (06) bullet protection package may be equipped with a sab protection upgrade package KR1. The stabbing resistance KR1 is based on the English HOSDB standards which a specially designed knife is used for the broad spectrum of knife attacks on police officers to replicate. This protection is based on a knife attack with an energy of 24 joules, in which the tip of the blade is not more than 7 mm may penetrate through the vest and with an energy of 36 joules, the point may not penetrate deeper than 20 mm. This is a realistic protection against attacks with pocket knives and daggers.


2 Hard Ballistic Plates NIJ Level IV In Conjunction with NIJ-3A (04) soft body armor.

Stops steel core bullets or AP ammo!

Double bent. Follows well the shape of the breast.

Standard dimensions: 250x300 mm.

Weight: 2.9 kg.


7.62x63 mm AP (30-06)

7.62x51 mm AP (FAL)

7.62x39 mm AP (AK-47)

5.56x45 mm AP (M16)


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