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Cut resistant jacket standard Overt Heracles / KR1-SP1

Item No.: Standard-Overt-Heracles-KR1-SP1
(Price excluding VAT) 807,44


The flexible stab proof vest standard Overt Heracles KR1-SP1 has many useful features that can be useful for security services. The vest is suitable for overt over the clothes to wear and protects the front and back and on the sides. Furthermore, this product:


  • A lining in 3D (three-dimentional) tissue which makes for ventilation.
  • A lumbar cushion
  • An elastic in the left front to the right front of the place when closing.
  • An evacuation trade
  • Loops to the radio / micro wire lead under the left front.
  • Easily adjust the shoulder
  • An additional belt on the vest so that the equipment can be split between the service belt and the belt on the vest.
  • 2 large Napoleon pockets on the left and right sides of the vest.


Through the use of a laminate layer as stab resistance vest this is also suitable to stop thin needles or injection needles. This laminate layer is also very appreciated as protection against attacks with broken glass bottles. Broken glass bottles can sometimes have very thin glass splinters. This stab package is rather thin. For security guards and medical staff are these the most feared threarts.


In the Fluo stab proof vest stand the KR1 for a resistance against attacks with knives. The stab resistance KR1 is bases on the English HOSDB norms in which a special designed knife point is used to replicate the braod spectrum of knife assaults on police officers. This protection is bassed on an knife assault with an energy of 24 joule, in which the point of the kife may not penetrate more then 7 mm through the vest and with an energy of 36 joule, the point may not deeper penetrate then 20 mm. This is a realistic protection against attacks with pocket knives and daggers. These are for rail and bus staff the most feared threats.


The SP1 represents a barrier against attacks from spikes. Spikes are completely different then knives because they have a very small contact surface and have been very difficult to stop. The spike resistance SP1 is also based on the English HOSDB norms in which a specail spike point is used to replicate the broad spectrum of spike assault on police officers un UK prisons. This protection is bassed on an spike assault with an energy of 24 joule, in which the point of the spike may not penetrate more then 7 mm through the vest and with an energy of 36 joule, the point may not deeper penetrate then 20 mm. Under attack with spikes means polished nails, gruel needles, sharpened screwdrivers, etc. ..

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Cut resistant jacket standard Overt Heracles / KR1-SP1

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