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Concealed stab proof vest MFA / KR3-SP3

(Price excluding VAT) 2.920,66


This discreet stab proof vest contains Metal Flex Armor panels and offer exceptionally high plug resistance KR3-SP3 both against knives, spikes and needles. Metal-Flex Armor been specifically designed with both hard and soft materials are designed so that the flexibility of the textile product with the strength of hard plates combined. Moreover, thanks to the MFA tight weave of the soft component hardly by sharp objects such as knives, needles and glass penetrated.


Altogether, MFA provides the ideal mix of protection, comfort and flexibility. Metal Flex Armor not only offers optimal protection against threats, but is also comfortable, is lightweight and offers thanks to the thin profile in addition considerable tactical advantages. MFA panels weigh less than 4.5 kg per square meter and are less than 3.5 mm thick. This simply means that MFA under a uniform or civilian clothes can be hidden.


In this vest, the Metal Flex Armor panel is further supported by several layers of aramid fabric in order to meet all the international requirements concerning  blunt trauma impressions. The vest comes with two carriers so the vest with the first carrier can be worn while the other carrier is washed.

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Concealed stab proof vest MFA / KR3-SP3

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