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Bulletproof vests are available again!


Turtle Skin Cell Extractie Vest / KR3-SP3


Turtle Cell Extraction Vest

This cell extraction vest is highly valued in America and England because of its high quality of stab proof KR3-SP3 for guards or agents. By savings in the public remains stab proof vest with its exceptional qualities, are often beyond the reach of the people who really need them. However, this vest can be lifesaving especially when regular dangerous individuals are in the cell. Exceptional situations can cause that these stab proof vest responsible useful and can increase the safety of the officer or jailer substantially.

The Cell Extraction Vest is a unique combination of flexible metal and textile components with fantastic sharp weapon and spike protection. While conventional steel protection plate in traditional stab vests can be annoying, causing bruises and can squeeze during a scuffle, the flexible Cell Turtle's Extraction Vest of officers a full range of motion and comfort without compromising on protection. Turtle MFA (Metal Flex Armour) technology is implemented in the design of this Cell Extraction Vest. The thin Turtle MFA stab resistant panels (3.5 to 4.5 mm) provide a lightweight cut resistant protection.

Stab resistant.

• Excellent flexibility.

• Increased protection of the hull.

• Modular shoulders, throat and groin protection.

• Extra large pockets for equipment.

• Front opening for rapid deployment.

• Low-profile collar to the helmet to reduce integration issues.

• Durable, machine washable Cordura exterior.

• No bruises or squeezing your chest, shoulders and armpits of your armor.

• Combined Spike and sharp weapon protection.

• Areal Density 2.45lbs/ft ² (armor package w / cover and carrier).

• Weight 16 lbs (size large armor package w / cover and carrier, w / o extremities).

• Weight 21 lbs (size large armor package w / cover and carrier and limbs).

• Thickness 0.41 inches (armor package w / cover and carrier).

Turtle Vests Corrections are made using the most advanced armor materials on the market and offer protection against a broad range of threats. Turtle MFA technology offers the performance of a steel plate with the flexibility of a substance.




Tactical Body Armor Sizing Chart
Chest Size:
Small Medium Large X-Large
34" - 37" 38" - 41" 42" - 45" 46" - 49"
2X-Large 3X-Large 4X-Large 5X-Large
50" - 53" 54" - 57" 58" - 61" 62" - 65"

Short Regular Long
5'5" and Down 5'6" to 5'11" 6' and Up



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Turtle Skin Cell Extractie Vest / KR3-SP3

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