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Cut and bullet proof leather vest VBR-KVL-91-NIJ-2


The cut and bulletproof leather vest VBR KVL-91-NIJ-2 has all the properties of the cutting armor vest VBR KVL-91 and is equipped with an integrated body armor with NIJ protection value 2. The advantage of an integrated body armor is that it is quite discreet to wear even if one has to take off his vest in a public protected area. One can therefore take off the entire vest in once without first having to take off the leather overcoat and then standing in full audience with a bulletproof vest, that also has to take off. This can be important in a studio or office for image or it may also be important at home in front of children as prevention of psychological problems by children.


First is this combination of the cut-resistant leather vest VBR KVL-91 which is provided over the entire surface of a cut resistant liner Cutyarn (Cut resistant Yars) level 5, which ais already used by different security services. The cut resistant liner provides a cut-resistant protection to the arms and shoulders and also to the hull. The leather vest provides protection from the inclement weather and is equipped with numerous pockets to stop in everything you need. This combination of integrated body armor does not prevent any operational function of the cut-resistant VBR KVL-91 vest. The inside pockets and quickly open the vest to handle a weapon are still possible.
In the cut resistant vest VBR KVL-91 is attached the carrier of the bulletproof vest on the lining. This body armor used standard protection panels. This makes it possible to take a protection value of choice. The lightest and still safe protection value is NIJ-2. This vest provides protection to the front and rear and a large part on the sides.


The protective value of these bulletproof vest under U.S. NIJ-2 standards. Our vest officially certified according to NIJ-2 offer protection against the calibers 9x19 mm NATO and .357 Magnum. (Also at lower energy bullets in the calibers, .22 LR to .32 ACP (7.62 mm Browning), 9 mm pistols with calibers from .380 ACP, 9mm Makarov 9x19 mm NATO, and .45 ACP calibers or revolvers. 38 Special to .357 Magnum with normal ammunition, fired from weapons with a short barrel. This is a realistic value protection against the most common pistols and revolvers that here in Europe in the crime-environmental use.


Furthermore, this product includes fully adjustable, elasticated shoulders and waist using Velcro. This jacket also has a very high level of breathability, combined with heat and perspiration-regulating system. The advanced system "Siophase" regulates body heat by heat above 37 ° C to drain. This excess heat in the material stored and released when the body temperature below 37 ° C decreases.


When ordering online you take quite a size larger than the size you actually have. This is because there is a bullet-proof vest sits under the leather vest.

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