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Bullet proof packets 250x300 mm NIJ-3A(04)

Item No.: Pakket-NIJ-3A-04-250x300-mm-2017

The bullet-proof packages NIJ-3A (04) of 250 x 300 mm offer a portable and instant access to protection against a wide range of handgun ammunition. The versatile and the light weight of this bullet-proof packages extends the protection in the workplace and at home until the movement between them. The bullet proof package NIJ-3A (04) of 250 x 300 mm fits comfortably in briefcases, backpacks, laptop bags, rifle plate carriers and T-shirt wearer. 


The bullet-proof packages NIJ-3A (04) of 250 x 300 mm are made of the same materials as our bullet-proof vests NIJ-3A (04) which a certified bullet-proof package is NIJ-3A (04) and is suitable to stop the standard ammunition in calibers 9x19mm-.44 Magnum .


The bullet-proof packets NIJ-3A (04) provides optimal comfort, convenience and flexibility and are suitable for all standard carriers. The rounded form of the side-flaps also ensures that they fit in a number of other carries.

Bullet proof packets NIJ-3A(04) from SAT. The the protection value is under U.S. NIJ-3A(04) standards, where the 3A represents a ballistic protection against small arms calibers 9x19 mm and .44 Magnum with normal ammunition. This is a realistic value protection against the most common pistols and revolvers here in Europe are privately owned (bulletproof vest belgium). It is wrong to compare all NIJ 3A vests as simular. There are regular updates performed by the NIJ 3A standards. This ballistic packages meet the NIJ 0101.04 update (-04) and were the American standards in 2001. The American standards NIJ 3A (04) are still today here in Europe quite large utility. After all these vests NIJ-3A (04) stop all normal 9x19 mm cartridges and also the heavy .44 Magnum revolver bullets. This type of jackets is quite large utility because they resist the realistic situation in Belgium where the possession of heavy magnum revolvers is permitted for citizens. Here in Belgium, the heavy magnum revolvers become fequent for up to caliber .44 magnum. Also, our NIJ-3A (04) package includes the powerful 7.62x25 mm cartridges stop from the Russian TT-33 Tokarev pistols regularly in possession of foreign criminal gangs. This body armor also provides minimal protection against normal attacks with knives until 15 Joules.. A bulletproof vest according to NIJ-3A (04) is lighter than a standard bullet-proof according to the new NIJ-3A (06) standards. The lower weight is an advantage factor in the choice of this type of protective package.


The purchase within Europe. The gun laws for bulletproof vests in Belgium allows bulletproof vests that are CE approved to sell to people over 18. The legislation requires that the sale be done in confidence, where the seller delivers only bulletproof vests to persons who have a legally acceptable reason. Basically bulletproof vests are intended for police, medical personnel, detectives, jewelers, bankers, porters, journalists, security, shipping, aviation, people who are threatened and already have filed a complaint with the police, rail and bus staff, .. . etc. We do not sell body armor to paramilitary organizations or terrorist groups.

The purchasing of a bulletproof vest by citizens is by law allowed and no permit is required. The government requires a kind of moral responsibility when selling a bulletproof vest. It is not our intention to provide by Internet all the criminals of a bulletproof vest. To prevent abuse with bullet proof vests they can only purchase online under strict conditions and send only under strict conditions registered sins by post.

The online sale of a bulletproof vest happens only when all formalities are fulfilled. Payments will not be accepted without formality!

The necessary formalities written.

- Copy of ID card

- Statement that the goods are not to be used for activities related to chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. That you are not belong to a paramilitary or terrorist organization and the body armor will not be exported outside Europe. If possible the purchase supporting with a copy of proof of purchase legal reason. (End users statement)

If all formalities are you a confirmation email that the necessary formalities and the payment can continue and the bulletproof vest sent up.

- Shipping is only by registered mail (identity checks on delivery + sign)

Import or export of bullet-proof vests. The import or export of body armor is attached to an import or export license. Such authorization must be requested from the Flemish Government.

For more information, please contact our VBR Tactical-Store.

Vb. end-user certificate

I the undersigned (full name) residing at the address (street + No postal code + town + country) declare that the goods are not to be used for activities related to chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. I belong not to a paramilitary or terrorist organization and the body armor will not be exported outside Europe and for the following reasons a bullet-proof vest want to purchasing:

VB. Personal protection for professional purposes ie, (jeweler, doorman, security guard, journalist, etc ...) (Attestation business or cart or other proof of your professional card)

VB. Personal protection for threats that already complaint was filed with the police. (Copy of the complaint to the police)

VB. Statutory or other acceptable reason.

Done (municipality) on the date of (Date)

Name and signature.

Sign certificates together with a copy of your identitietskaart send up to us. We acknowledge receipt of your final statement and only then should the payment be done!

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