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Blue stab, fire and NIJ-3A(04) bulletproof police sweater carrier Nomex-Kevlar-Spectra


This blue fire retardant, stab and bulletproof jersey was designed to provide the maximum police protection against a major terrorist attack with light weapons or knives, but with the comfort and maximum mobility is maintained. This makes it possible to discreetly carry a "inside the pants" or shouderholster where you have the maximum freedom of movement to draw a weapon freely without being hindered by a thick bulletproof vest.

The outer layer of this exceptional police sweater is a special blue Nomex Kevlar composition that is already used in some firefighting clothing. The Nomex and Kevlar from DuPont which has an excellent reputation in fire-resistant clothing. The Kevlar is also cut resistant.


This exceptional police sweater has provided the entire surface of two layers Spectra Coolmax Honeywell with each layer a cut resistance level 5. These two layers Spectra Coolmax are a good protection against a cutting attack with carving knives, combat knives or short Japanese swords. The two layers Spectra Coolmax with Nomex Kevlar sure also have a relatively large cross resistance knives or broken glass bottles and over the entire surface of the police sweater.


The inner layer is a black 3-Way Kevlar which is fire retardant and cut resistant. In this inner layer there are two pockets for soft ballistic packages of 250x30 mm. .
This blue police sweater comes with two soft ballistic packages NIJ-3A (04) of 250x300 mm.

This allows the most vital organs around the heart area are protected against bullets but also against stabbing with knives (up to 15 joules). The whole is very comfortable to wear. About this bullet-proof T-shirt can be easily worn a service vest and shoulder holster without reduced mobility.
The protection value is according to US NIJ standards, and 3A represents a ballistic protection against small arms caliber 9x19 mm and .44 Magnum with normal ammunition. Also, can we NIJ-3A (04) package also stop the powerful 7.62x25 mm cartridges from Russian TT-33 Tokarev pistols that are regularly held by foreign criminal gangs.
The NIJ-3A (04) bulletproof package also provides a stab-proof protection against attacks with knives to a force of 15 Joules.


To purchase a bullet proof vests is no license needed.

Yet bulletproof vests fall under the Arms Act in connection of dual-use products. The government claims that the sale must happen in trust to people over 18 years and that an end-user statement is drafted which satisfy a number of requirements.


PDF file end-user statement persons.


The end-user declaration signed and send up the original by post to us along with a copy of your identity cart.


Online sale of a bulletproof vest only goes on only when all formalities are fulfilled!

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