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Black cut resistant aramid T-shirt lvl2 PAP

Item No.: T-shirt-aramid -polyester zwart pap

Cheap black cut-resistant T-shirt level 2 with short sleeves brand VBR-Belgium with slash resistant lining of yellow aramid. Traditional cheap black cut resistant T-shirt that has been widely used by security and security guards in the past.
This yellow aramid is fire-resistant and also cut-resistant level 2 and offers cut-resistant protection against knives and glass shards.
The outer layer made of cotton can be printed (company logo, security, ...). The black color is ideal to combine with black safety trousers. The inner layer is a black polyester mesh so that the T-shirt also looks black on the inside.
The cut protection covers the entire surface of the T-shirt (chest, shoulders and short sleeves). This is a new version of the well-known and inexpensive cut-resistant aramid t-shirt that has already been worn by various security services. It is an affordable solution for young security guards or security guards.
Suitable for military, police, personal defense
Machine washable at 30 °

40% Cotton 

20% Polyester

40% DuPont™ Kevlar® fibers


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