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Red Cut resistant T-shirt with short sleeves VBR-Belgium

Item No.: TS-JCC-KM-R (2017a)

Red cut-resistant T-shirt with short sleeves


The composition and materials used here are fairly new and recently making an advance in protective clothing for police and security in Europe and in America. This type of cut-resistant T-shirts allows to use several common colors as outer material. In this case, the color red. This is a blank red cut-resistant T-shirt with short sleeves that is suitable for all purposes where red is used as a base.


This cut-resistant T-shirt with short sleeves in Cotton-Cutyarn-Coolmax with the red color offers a cut resistant protection level 5 that the injury of a knife attack seriously can limit or even prevent. This new technology can be life saving!


These cut-resistant t-shirt with short sleeves can be printed with a logo of your choice. This cut-resistant T-shirt is made of three layers. The outer layer is a soft cotton layer that can be used with the logo of your choice and printed, the middle layer is the cut-resistant Cutyarn level 5 and the inside features a Coolmax mesh layer.


Remember that much cheaper cut-resistant T-shirts have or a much lower value of protection or no Coolmax. Summer is coming and a regular cut-resistant T-shirt will overheat you! A cut-resistant T-shirt with Coolmax layer has a fresh feeling in summer and in winter it is very comfortable to wear. The cut resistant protection sits over the entire surface of the T-shirt (torso, shoulders and short sleeves). This is a professional cutting resistant T-shirt already worn by various security agencies in various countries of Europe and America!

The T-shirt is washable.

The printing of these T-shirts can only happen in production and not afterwards. We can provide your logo to the manufacturer. The minimum quantity is at least 20 pieces. The note, however, that you not ended up on the protected design depots of other images when choosing your imprint.

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