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Stab resistant Alpha tank top sweater VBR-Belgium

Item No.: Steekwerende Alpha tanktop

This black dark gray stab resistant tank top sweater or T-shirt without sleeves Alpha from VBR-Belgium protects the most vital organs and has been specially developed as protection against serious stabbing attacks among civilians. This revolutionary anti-stabbing T-shirt cannot be compared with any other cut-resistant T-shirt.
This anti-stabbing T-shirt is provided with 4 layers of aramid fabric one above the other of which the outer layer is a cut-resistant and fire-resistant aramid type and the lining consists of three layers of cut-resistant Cutyarn, each with a cut resistance level 5. The soft protective inner lining is made made from an active Coolmesh that has a moisture-regulating effect and gives the wearer a fresh and comfortable feeling. The direct contact of the Coolmes with the skin has a fresh feeling that is much appreciated during the summer. This cut and stab resistant T-shirt can be worn under or above the clothing.
To protect against the most common stabbing weapons used in recent civilian stabbings, we have chosen to equip our anti-stabbing T-shirt with 4 layers of cut resistant aramid lining. These 4 cut resistant layers are absolutely useful against knife attack with a cutter blades or kitchen knife. A triple layer of cut resistant Cutyarn also means a triple stab resistance that can prevent serious injuries in stabbing with almost all traditional pocket knives.
The fire-resistant aramid outer layer has the advantage of being fire-resistant, cut-resistant and tear-resistant. This fire resistant outer layer also protects the underlying layers and contributes to the overall durability of the product.
Suitable for police, military or personal defense.
Machine washable up to 30 ° C

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