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Cheap cut resistant turtleneck Bravo discolored size Large


Cheap cut resistant Bravo turtleneck showcase model. Black colored Kevlar that is exposed to sunlight for a long time discolors and returns to its original yellow kevlar color. This is known for all colored Kelvar species. Although the protective value of this cut-resistant Bravo turtleneck does not decrease, the color is less attractive, hence the greatly reduced price to 199.95 Euro

Combat Cut Bravo shirt.

Cut-resistant t-shirt for security and police officers.


This cut-resistant t-shirt has been specially developed from feedback from security agents and is intended to be worn under the body armour. First of all, this black Combat Cut Bravo shirt with detachable col has a 360 ° cut-resistant inner lining made of industrial Cutyarn level 5. This means that this cut-resistant T-shirt offers over the entire surface a cut-resistant protection level 5 and can also be worn without body armour under the uniform.

As an additional protection to the arms were the sleeves provided with a double layer of cut-resistant Cutyarn level 5. As a result, this offer a higher protection against very sharp meat cutting knives, combat knives or short Japanese swords, screwdrivers and dog bites..

This Combat Cut Bravo shirt is also equipped with a detachable and cut-resistant collar. These removable and cut-resistant collar has a cut-resistant lining and offers not only a cut-resistant protection to the neck, but also provides warmth during winter or night watch. This can be removed if the cut-resistant roll-collar gets too hot during the day.


The exterior of this Combat Cut Bravo shirt is made from a 3 Way black Kevlar. This 3 Way black Kevlar is fire retardant, cut-resistant level 2, level 2 and stab-resistant and tear resistant. The combination of the stag and cut resistant Kevlar with the 2 layers Cutyarn offers already a relatively good stab resistance to knives and broken glass. This black Combat Cut Bravo shirt features a soft Coolmax mesh lining which can be worn expose on the body. It is made from a gray color which means that there is no confusion to the inside and the outside of the cut-resistant T-shirt.

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