Bulletproof vests are available again!


Anti-corona measures 


Online sales will continue as usual.

Our general anti-corona measures in the store are:

- Maximum 1 customer in the store (exception bubble of 2 people)

- Keep your visit as short as possible (maximum time allowed in the shop is 30 minutes)!

- Mouth mask mandatory (bring your own)

- Disinfectant gel and gloves are available and must be used.

- Keep a distance of 1.5 meters as much as possible.

- Payment by bank card

- Only touch the goods you wish to buy.

- All goods that you have touched must be quarantined for 1 day by law!

- You can fit the goods, but limit the number of pieces you want to fit.

- Make sure you know what you want, check out our webshop so that you can limit the time in the physical store!

- Those who are ill do not come to the store but order online!