1) Can we visit your shop

Yes, absolut. You are always welcome in our regular shop, to please first make an appointment before you come lance.


2) Is a bulletproof vest Class NIJ-2 good?

A bulletproof vest Class NIJ-2 provides protection against pistols and revolvers with a short barrel caliber 9x19 mm - .357 Mag. where the trauma inprint no deeper than 44 mm may be. Our bulletproof packages are officially approved by a recognized institution, meet these requirements and are of very good quality. Where the situation diagnosis show that the attacker will use a pistol or revolver with a short barrel, then a NIJ-2 jacket is an excellent choice! From a situation diagnosis can be assumed that for example the case of a security guard for a dancing one can say that an attacker usually has a short weapon in his pocket and it is very unlikely that he a weapon with a long barrel or a submachine gun in his pocket will have! For short arms is an NIJ-2 jacket sufficiently safe!


3) what will happen if one shoot with a weapon with long barrel on an NIJ-2 jacket?

If one with a weapon with a longer barrel in the calibers 9x19mm-.357 Magnum shoot on a NIJ-2 vest then the trauma print will fall outside the guarantees and be deeper than the allowed 44 mm. When the hit on the chest happens then it is a relatively high probability that there will be ribs be broken. In bullet-resistant vests with a low quality it can be that the bullet goes through the vest. Our vests are of good quality!


4) I can buy on internet bullet proof jackets online "order today - delivered tomorrow" without that even one paper formality must fulfilled  ... Why are there here than paper formalities?

Fore purchasing a bulletproof vest is in principle no license needed, but fall bulletproof vest under the Arms Act, specifically under the category of "dual-use" products. This means that an end-user certificate must be drawn up and signed where the seller declared the goods not to be used for activities related to chemical, biological or nuclear weapons, and you not belong to a paramilitary or terrorist organization and the body armor will not export out the (BENELUX for NIJ -3 and higher) or (Europe NIJ 3A and below). This end-users  statement is mandatory imposed by the Strategic Goods Control of the Flemish Government. During an inspection, the seller must be able to submit the end-users statement. Specifying a legally acceptable reason is a protection for the vendor to support the credibility of the declaration and also proof for the buyer who can demonstrate to have purchased the body armor legally.





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