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Bulletproof vests are available again!


5.11-Tac-Tec-Black NIJ-4 Stand Alone plate carrier

Item No.: 5.11-Tac-Tec- NIJ-4 Stand Alone
This product is currently not available

5.11-Tac-Tec- NIJ-4 Stand Alone Plate carrier Black
The TacTec plate carriers (carriers) have two pockets at the front and back where hard bullet-resistant plates can be tucked in. These then offer protection where you need it most, namely around the heart area. The use of hard ballistic plates creates superior penetration resistance without the weight or bulky character of a traditional bulletproof vest. The TacTec plate carrier has been developed to provide high performance protection while being a lightweight and mobile model. The TacTec Plate Carrier features a skeleton waistband and yoke shoulder pads for a secure and comfortable fit, integrated web platform, a one-handed quick release system for emergency services and adjustable elastic waist straps for stability during periods of high activity and a special rescue handle for a quick towing down shot personnel. The 5.11 Tac Tec is widely used in America by law enforcement and is therefore a combat proof model. This 5.11 tac tec plate carrier with NIJ-4 stand alone plates is a black class IV plate carrier. This black plate carrier with hard bullet proof plates level 4 SA is also a ballistic vest with protection against war rifles such as the Kalashnikov, Dragunov, FAL, M16 and other .30 sniper rifles.
General characteristics.
Great comfort and freedom of movement
Suitable for medium or large ballistic plates
Back yoke shoulder pads distribute weight evenly
Adjustable waist and tension straps
Retractable emergency rescue handle
One-handed quick release system
Water resistant coating
Large airflow panels against sweating.
Hard ballistic plates NIJ-4 Stand Alone of 250x300mm.
With NIJ-4 Stand Alone plates, the steel core ball is completely absorbed by the NIJ-4 Stand Alone plate upon impact. The steel core ball remains in the Stand Alone plate and does not cause trauma injury when impacted by a bullet. This allows one to catch multiple hits and still be just as ready to fight.
Stops steel core bullets or AP ammunition!
Double curved. Follows the shape of the breast well.
Standard dimensions: 250x300 mm.
Weight: 3.3 Kg
Thickness 19.5 mm
7.62x63 mm AP (30-06)
7.62x51 mm AP (FAL)
7.62x39 mm AP (AK-47)
5.56x45 mm AP (M16)

No license is required for the purchase of a hard ballistic plate within the BENELUX!
Is only sold on invoice with address within the BENELUX.

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5.11-Tac-Tec-Black NIJ-4 Stand Alone plate carrier

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