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Operator NIJ-4+ Stand Alone (250x300mm) Plate Carrier Coyote

(Price excluding VAT) 1.549,59

The Operator Plate Carrier NIJ-4 Stand Alone 2x250x300mm is designed with modular platforms on all sides. The front and back of the harness are cut for the operator functions with great mobility. The operator plate carrier is valued for its excellent wearing comfort and high freedom of movement.


Technical features

• Drag Hold Emergency

• Removable padded non-slip shoulder pads with Velcro guide

• Adjustable shoulder straps

• Hook and loop belts

• Heavy weight webbing for modular attachments

• Front map pocket with snap, Velcro closure

• side closure on the shoulders and internal waistband

• Padded mesh lining

• Adjustable cummerbund with armor plate pockets

â—¦Accepts to 6 "x 8" flat panel

• Easy access plate pockets

The MOPC Accepts up to 10.25 "x 13:25" plates front and back, and up to 6 "x 8" side plates.


To protect against this war rifles the Operator Plate Carrier is equipped with two hard ballistic plates NIJ-4 Stand Alone of 250x300 mm. These sit along the front of the chest and along the from the rear. One impact at the NIJ-4 Stand Alone plates, the steel core bullet is completely absorbed by the NIJ-4 Stand Alone plate. The steel core bullet remains in NIJ-4 Stand-Alone plate and causes no trauma by an impact of a bullet. This protective combination is able to stop steel core bullets from a Kalashnikov, Fal and M16 assault rifle. Also this bulletproof combination is able to stop a steel core bullet from a Russian Dragunov SVD sniper rifle.


Hard Ballistic Plate NIJ Level IV Stand Alone


Double folded. Follows well shape of the breast

Standard dimensions: 250x300 mm.

Weight: 3.4 kg.




7.62x63 mm AP (30-06)

7.62x51 mm AP (FAL)

7.62x39 mm AP (AK-47)

5.56x45 mm AP (M16)


Delivery only to an address within the BENELUX


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Operator NIJ-4+ Stand Alone (250x300mm) Plate Carrier Coyote