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Cut and stab resistant black scarf ACA 20x150 cm.

Item No.: Sjaal-kev-cuty-20x150 (2020

Cut resistant and stab resistant scarf, dark gray with dimensions 20x150 cm from VBR-Belgium. Good for security guards who have to go inside and outside a lot, but who prefer not to have a high turtleneck, but who still want to protect their neck or face against attacks with knives, broken glass bottles, burning torches, ...
The scarf is made of three layers of aramid, the outer layers of which are cut resistant, fire resistant and tear resistant.
The scarf, can be used around the neck or can be wrapped around the arm in case of an attack with a knife. The scarf has the advantage that it can be placed quickly and easily round the neck and can also be removed quickly and easily.


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