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CP Neon 330 inner gloves Needle and cut resistant


Outstanding puncture resistance, including over the fingertips


TurtleSKin CP Neon Insider 330 features a new, patented, ultra-thin TurtleSkin protective material which offers outstanding puncture protection from needles and fine sharps at a previously unachievable price point.


The gloves are thin enough to be worn as a liner glove inside traditional safety gloves or disposable gloves and are designed specifically for demanding applications like waste management and recycling.


Glove Features:

- Can be used as an insider glove to add puncture and cut resistance to your glove of choice, even a disposable glove

- Excellent puncture resistance to needles and fine metal, glass and wire

- Ultra-thin protective material offers excellent dexterity


These cut and needle resistant glove will include already used in some Dutch prisons where each warden is obliged to contribute to the search of a cell Needle resistant gloves.  Above this glove is a disposable rubber glove worn. The Neon CP 330 is relatively inexpensive to equip a large groups of people with good needle-proof gloves.


These cut and needle resistant glove will include also used in city and park management for clearing leaves under shrubs where needles of drug users can be. This insider gloves are worn over the gloves to protect against puncture of contaminated needles by drug users.


Use For:

- Recycling

- Waste Management

- Glass and Metal Handling

- General Workwear

- Cleaning and Janitorial

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