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Full Coverage Aramid Cutand needle resistant glove

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Turtle Skin Full Coverage gloves provide protection against knives, needles and sharp claws of animals from the fingertip to the forearm with a 3 "gauntlet cuff. The coating provides the best combination of portability and great grip, cutting and needle protection. Machine washable.

The Full Coverage Gloves are suitable for treating animals such as wild cats or other animals with sharp nails. The gloves are relatively thin and flexible so that it is possible to operate with the gloves on tool.


The gloves are generally not suited to the bite of cats and dogs. Although the gloves provide some protection against the incisors, it is possible that the canines of cats and dogs can go through. Glove The typical Turtle Skin material is quite thin, cutting and needle resistant, quite flexible but the bite of a cat or dog will always be felt, even if the teeth do not go through! The bite will be felt as a nip to the hand!.


Suitable for:

  • Animals treatment
  • Cutting waste
  • laboratory Investigation
  • woodworking
  • Glass and metals
  • Medical and industrial waste.
  • Hospital or Hotel Laundry
  • Radiological material handling.

Sizes of the Turtleskin gloves

Circumference of the hand US-sizes EU-sizes

152 - 178 mm                     XS          EU - 6

178 - 203 mm                       S          EU - 7

203 - 229 mm                      M          EU - 8

229 - 254 mm                       L          EU - 9

254 - 279 mm                     XL         EU - 10

279 - Plus mm                  2XL         EU - 11

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Full Coverage Aramid Cutand needle resistant glove

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