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Needle and cut resistant search gloves VBR-Belgium

Item No.: Search-Gloves-VBR
(Price excluding VAT) 57,85


End of series.

The patented material used in this search glove offers superior protection against threats from sharp objects like thin needles, sharp points and knife cuts. With a high level of protection to the palm of the hand and fingers, these gloves are particularly well suited for high-risk situations of contact, and research. This search gloves offer eleven times more protection against the 28 g hypodermic needle used by many drug addicts, than the typical police gloves. The robust and reliable materials patented by offering protection to the side of the palm, fingers and fingertips, and complete coverage of the index, in combination with a soft, comfortable support learning. Ideal for exploring castes, clothing, luggage in risky situations.

This cut-and needle-resistant gloves are suitable for military, police and personal defense.


Needle-and cut-resistant palm and fingertips

NIJ Test Protocol 99-114 tested

Resists 1.1lbf against 28 g needle

• Excellent flexibility and sensitivity

Dry cleaning

Glove sizes of VBR-Belgium.

Circumference of the hand US -size EU-size

152 - 178 mm                     XS          EU - 6

178 - 203 mm                       S           EU - 7

203 - 229 mm                      M           EU - 8

229 - 254 mm                       L           EU - 9

254 - 279 mm                     XL          EU - 10

279 - Plus mm                  2XL          EU - 11

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Needle and cut resistant search gloves VBR-Belgium