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VBR-PG-38-F / needle and cut resistant glove VBR-Belgium

Item No.: VBR-PG-38-F (2017b)

The VBR-PG-38-F Specially, there is also provided between the fingers naadwerend a material that also protects the sides of the fingers! Service gloves are quite comfortable, cut resistant, and up to four times more needle protective than the traditional police gloves. The material used in this glove provides excellent safety and protection against accidental needle sticks, knives and cut on the palm of the hand, fingers and fingertips.


Now it is known that Ebola transmits itself through contact with the virus through numerous types of body fluids that may be present everywhere at all objects from the contaminated regions best one takes a risk when handling objects with sharp points can by the side of traditional gloves cuttings.


This service glove are more suitable for the warmer period of the year.


This VBR PG-38-F gloves are particularly valued for their high needle or puncture resistance such as the culling of glass where very sharp and fine glass particles may be present that can go through the most other needle resistant gloves.


Protect yourself from the threat of blood-borne diseases that can infect through wounds caused by needles and syringes syringes.
Suitable for military, police or personal defense.

By sharp points perpetuated palm and fingertips.

• High quality leather palm.

Adjustable wrist closure knit back.

Excellent protection and comfort

Withstands 0.6 lbf against 28g needl


Maten en afmetingen.



Omtrek van de hand US - tailles EU- Tailles

152 - 178 mm           XS              EU - 6

178 - 203 mm             S              EU - 7

203 - 229 mm             M              EU - 8

229 - 254 mm              L              EU - 9

254 - 279 mm            XL             EU - 10

279 - Plus mm         2XL             EU - 11


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