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Anti snakebite gaiters for hunters

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TurtleSkin Snake armor hunting pants. (Trousers with protection against snake bites) The anti-snake bite hunting pants are not only popular for hunting. The anti-snake bite pants become more and more popular as a travel pants to travel around Africa as protection against snake bites. Tourists who travel through Africa take no more risks to be bitten by a snake. Medical care is very far away in Africa, not to mention the all-round HIV infection in medical care centers is everywhere! Robust and comfortable trousers with protection against snake bites has a soft, all-cotton shell with a Turtleskin snake-resistant lining sewn into the legs from the knee to the ankle. Protect yourself against snake bites with this stylish hunting pants that you can focus on your main activities.


Advanced Puncture Protection Clothing

TurtleSkin SnakeArmor hunting clothing, chaps, and gaiters prevent snake bites and protect from the worst thorns and briars. TurtleSkin SnakeArmor's patented fabric is one third the weight of other hunting garments yet strong and tough enough to protect against even the most venomous snake bites.

The fabric has been developed to be lighweight and flexible to meet the challenges faced by hunters, such as protection and wearability across all hunting seasons. SnakeArmor protection is available in full-length chaps, below-the-knee chaps, hunting pants, and reversible camouflage gaiters.

Hunting Clothes Tested with Live Snakes
TurtleSkin SnakeArmor hunting clothing has been tested with live diamondback rattlesnakes and successfully repelled strikes and venom. In addition, the fabric also prevented a stimulated snake bite of paired 0.05-inch diameter needles at 2.63 joules, and a 0.042-inch diameter needle at 2.37 pounds with a penetration limit of 0.03 inches.

Exceptional Puncture Protection
TurtleSkin SnakeArmor's patented technology produces the tightest weave ever made with high-strength fibres. It's weave is locked so tightly, protecting against snake bites. This technology coupled with TurtleSkin's tough ballistic fibres makes TurtleSkin SnakeArmor an extremely protective fabric that is flexible and lightweight.

To determine the correct sizes and color see extra info.

When ordering please the length, the waist and the color.


Short (30" inseam / 762 mm ingezoomd)
Regular (32" inseam / 812 mm ingezoomd)
Long (34" inseam / 863 mm ingezoomd)


32" / 812 mm
34" / 863 mm
36" / 914 mm
38" / 965 mm
40" / 1016 mm
42" / 1066 mm
Sage Green


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Anti snakebite gaiters for hunters

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