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Ambulance vest HO1-KR1 bulletproof and stab proof vest

Item No.: Ambulance vest HO1-KR1
(Price excluding VAT) 1.476,86


Ambulance Fluo yellow bullet and stab resistant vest British CAST2017 HO1-KR1 from Sioen for sale.
Bulletproof and stab-resistant ambulance vest HO1-KR1 with yellow fluorescent cover with zipper in the middle, special safety vest designed bulletproof vest for hospital and ambulance services. Ambulance vest with 360° retro reflective strips. 8 large bags, 1 with Mica for identity badge. 3D lining to regulate body temperature. This is a professional bulletproof and stab-proof ambulance vest widely used by ambulance services and hospitals. High protection against bullets, but especially against knife stabs, awls, needles or other sharp objects,
The Fluo reflective bulletproof vest HO1-KR1 ambulance model offers optimal comfort, convenience and flexibility. It is an anatomical design that is suitable for both men and women. The bulletproof ambulance vest offers protection at the front, back and sides. Furthermore, this product has fully adjustable shoulders and waist using a Velcro closure. This vest also has a very high breathability level.
Protection value: CAST2017 HO1-KR1 Sioen Ballistics (Belgian Police)
Small arms

This officially tested solution complies with the proposed HO1 requirements of the English CAST2017 standard. This provides the necessary protection against bullet impacts from the projectiles 9x19mm FMJ DM11A1B2 and 9mm JHP P9HST1 at 365+/-10m/sec. This solution also offers protection against impacts from projectiles 9mm HS at (350+/-15)m/sec, 9mm TFMJ at (390+/-15)m/sec, 9mm Action 6 XSF at (415+/-15) m/sec, 9mm Action 4 at (420+/-15)m/sec, 7.62x25 Tokarev FMJ at (440+/-15)m/sec and .357Magnum SPFN at (455+/-10)m/sec . All traumas smaller than 44 mm
The panels have been officially tested against stab wounds and meet the KR1 requirements of the same standard.

It was tested 38 times with the P1/B blade with an energy of 24 joules (maximum penetration of 8mm) and 9 times with the P/1B blade with an energy of 36 joules (maximum penetration of 20mm allowed).

Sizes: XS to 3XL


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Ambulance vest HO1-KR1 bulletproof and stab proof vest