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Odin level 4 SA + NIJ 3A (04)GRAN bulletproof vest black

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Odin level 4 SA + NIJ 3A (04)GRAN bulletproof vest black with NIJ-3A(04) side protection and additional protection hard bulletproof plates class 4.
Contains a soft bulletproof package NIJ-3A(04) GRAN from Sioen that protects the side of the chest against bullets, knives, grenade shrapnel or mortar fragments and two NIJ-4+(04) Stand Alone hard bulletproof plates.
The choice to use NIJ-4 Stand Alone plates offers a number of practical advantages, including that Stand Alone plates can always be used and in any plate carrier, for example during the summer. A Stand Alone plate also offers some extra safety. Although the .30 AP (7.62mm) bullets are captured in the SA plate, the soft bulletproof package NIJ-3A behind it provides extra safety and softens the shock upon impact of a bullet(s). First of all, one remains combat-ready for longer even in the event of a hit on the NIJ-4 SA plate and there is always a soft bulletproof vest NIJ-3A left behind that can absorb any fragments from multiple impacts.
Bulletproof packages reference : NIJ-3A(04) GRAN
This Odin is equipped with two soft bulletproof packages NIJ-3A(04). These soft bulletproof packages are bulletproof for the calibers 9x19mm-.44 Magnum, but are also stab-resistant and especially fragment-resistant. This is important because the soft bulletproof packages in this Odin vest also protect your sides of your chest against knife wounds up to 50 Joules or shrapnel. Remember that many casualties are caused by mortar or shrapnel!
For protection against war rifles, this Odin is equipped with two hard bulletproof plates class NIJ-4+(04) Stand Alone of 250x300 mm. These are located along the front of the chest and along the back of the back. With NIJ-4 Stand Alone plates, the steel core ball is completely absorbed by the NIJ-4 Stand Alone plate upon impact. The steel core ball remains in the Stand Alone plate and does not cause trauma injury upon impact with a bullet. This protective combination is capable of stopping steel core bullets from the Kalashnikov, Fal and M16 assault rifles. This bulletproof combination is also able to stop a steel core bullet from a Russian Dragunov SVD sniper rifle.

Hard bulletproof plate Level NIJ-0101.04 III and NIJ-IV+ Stand Alone from Sioen

Contains two hard bulletproof plates Level NIJ-IV+ Stand Alone
Stops armor piercing bullets (AP)

Double curved.
Standard dimensions: 23x250x300 mm.
Weight: 2.75 kg per plate.

- NIJ0101.04, level III: 6 shots (7.62x51 NATO Projectile at 847m/sec)
- NIJ0101.04, level IV : 1 shot 7.62x63 mm M2 AP (30-06) bullet at 878 m/sec

  (NATO sniper rifles and tape fed machine guns)
- NIJ0101.04, level IV+: 3 shot 7.62x54R LPS MSC bullet at 870 m/sec
  (Russian sniper rifle Dragunov and PKM MG with tape feeding)
- 7.62x39mm AP (AK 47)
- 5.56x45mm AP (M16)
- 5.45x39mm AP (AK 74)

Working principle: the bullet hits the hard bulletproof plate, deforms, breaks and crushes but remains in the bulletproof plate. There is no need to wear a soft bulletproof vest underneath. This plate carrier with Stand Alone bulletproof plates can be worn over a T-shirt or combat shirt. No significant trauma injuries from bullet impact.

Sizes : XS until 3XL

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Odin level 4 SA + NIJ 3A (04)GRAN bulletproof vest black