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Stab and bullet proof vest Pollux / NIJ-3A (06) black

Item No.: Pollux-NIJ-3A-06-GRAN-2023
(Price excluding VAT) 941,32


The bulletproof vest Pollux NIJ-3A (06) black is a very effective solution for everyday use. The bulletproof vest Pollux provides optimum comfort, convenience and flexibility. It is specially designed for discrete missions and is suitable for both men and women. The protection value, according to the American class NIJ-3A (010 106) and provides protection against most small arms that are privately owned here in Europe. The Pollux jacket provides protection to the front and rear and sides. The shoulders and belt are made of elastomeric material provide a sense of comfort and an incredible unparalleled freedom of movement. The model is also equipped with a Thermo Liner based OUTLAST. A system of heat and sweat management on the basis of a Outlast lining. This material has a temperature regulating function, which absorbs heat above 37 ° C to give, in addition to the excellent absorption properties. The body temperature of an additional cooling effect



These vests NIJ-3A (06) are officially certified and offer protection against the caliber .357 SIG and .44 Magnum. The .357 SIG caliber is a bit heavier than the 9x19mm NATO caliber. This higher level of protection offers better protection against the new and powerful 9mm + P bullets such as the new American and Russian ammunition. Of course this also offers protection against all lower level calibers. This vest NIJ-3A (06) meets the new international NIJ-3A (06) standards and is considered the most all-round protection against small arms calibers.


This bulletproof vest also offers protection against attacks with knives P1/B up to 25 Joule and S1/G up to 30 Joule.



Available sizes: XS-S-M-L-XL-2Xl-3XL


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Stab and bullet proof vest Pollux / NIJ-3A (06) black