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Mercury NIJ-4 Stand Alone Molle plate carrier black

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Mercury Nij-4+(04) Stand Alone Black Molle plate carrier from Sioen Ballistics.


The MERCURY is a plate carrier designed in a compact manner to provide maximum comfort and flexibility. This plate carrier gives you the option to carry hard ballistic or bulletproof plates at the front and rear of the hull. MOLLE system over the entire surface allowing a non-negligible payload for such a small area. Very easy to put on, freedom of movement, easy to adjust thanks to Velcro closures on the shoulders and a buckle system on the sides. A 3D tunnel spacer lining gives the feeling of great comfort. The Mercuri is also equipped with Velcro to attach any type of identification badges, it also has a dorsal extraction strap. An internal mounting system of the hard plates ensures good positioning of the plates, also during pursuits.


This Mercuri plate carrier is equipped with NIJ-4 Stand Alone ballistic plates. This means that the plate can catch a rifle bullet on its own. So it is not important what you wear under the Stand Alone ballistic plate. This can be a light bulletproof vest NIJ-2 or HG1A-KR1, but this can also be a T-shirt or combat shirt. Wearing a soft bulletproof vest is therefore not necessary under the Stand Alone plates class NIJ-4. The great advantage of this is that no trauma injuries are caused to the body by the impact of a rifle bullet.


Hard bulletproof plate Level NIJ-0101.04 III and NIJ-IV+ Stand Alone from Sioen

Contains two hard bulletproof plates Level NIJ-IV+ Stand Alone

Double curved.

Standard dimensions: 23x250x300 mm.

Weight: 2.75 kg per plate.

Stops armor piercing bullets (AP)

- NIJ0101.04, level III: 6 shots (7.62x51 NATO Projectile at 847m/sec)

- NIJ0101.04, level IV : 1 shot 7.62x63 mm M2 AP (30-06) bullet at 878 m/sec

(NATO sniper rifles and tape fed machine guns)

- NIJ0101.04, level IV+: 3 shot 7.62x54R LPS MSC bullet at 870 m/sec

(Russian sniper rifle Dragunov and PKM MG with tape feed)

- 7.62x39mm AP (AK 47)

- 5.56x45mm AP (M16)

- 5.45x39mm AP (AK 74)


Working principle: the bullet hits the hard bulletproof plate, deforms, breaks and crushes but remains in the bulletproof plate. There is no need to wear a soft bulletproof vest underneath. This plate carrier with Stand Alone bulletproof plates can be worn over a T-shirt or combat shirt. No significant trauma injuries from bullet impact.


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Mercury NIJ-4 Stand Alone Molle plate carrier black