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Cut resistant jacket Ares / KR1 extremely flexible

Item No.: ARES-KR1

The very flexible concealed stab proof vest Ares niveau KR1 can be worn under clothing or worn over a T-shirt and can be equipped with stab-resistant package-level KR1. By which the KR1 stand for a resistance against attacks with knives. The stab resistance KR1 is bases on the English HOSDB norms in which a special designed knife point is used to replicate the braod spectrum of knife assaults on police officers. This protection is bassed on an knife assault with an energy of 24 joule, in which the point of the kife may not penetrate more then 7 mm through the vest and with an energy of 36 joule, the point may not deeper penetrate then 20 mm. This is a realistic protection against attacks with pocket knives and daggers. These are for rail and bus staff the most feared threats.

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