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Fluo stab vest HELIOS Basic Economic

Item No.: Fluo-HELIOS-Basic Economic

Cheap cut-resistant Fluorescent vest Helios Basic Economic!


The fluorescent and highly visible Helios cover (carrier) was specially developed for the emergency services or support and can be provided with a standard protective package of your choice. Other stab proof packages can also be slid into the Helios cover. In this case, the Fluo cover was provided with a complete and adapted stab-resistant vest Basic Economic or Security Economic depending on the size of the cover.
Volunteers or rescuers often have to invest in a stab-resistant vest, so that a cheaper fluorescent vest is desirable. A fluorescent vest is also desirable for stewards or employees at festivities, but with a limited investment. The stab proof vests Basic Economic and Security Economic are not officially certified, but are often used to provide employees with a minimum of protection.
The combination standard cover, in this case a Helios cover in yellow or red, with a cheap stab proof vest is a budget-friendly solution for personal defense.
The plastic harnesses of the Basic and Security Economic provide protection against punches, cane blows, knife stabs, spikes, glass and injection needles.
The basic Economic stab proof package contains a square aluminum plate to protect the most vital organs around the heart area which, together with the plastic harness, offers a stab proof resistance of up to 14 Joule. If desired, this stab resistance can be increased by placing a hard stab-resistant Inox plate in the stab-resistant vest.
If there is a concern for commando daggers or heavy hunting knives, we recommend providing the vest with the extra hard stab resistant plates.
No stab proof vest is stab free!


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