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Tactical cut resistant Boxer short VBR-Belgium

Item No.: SW-Boxershort-anti-rape-cuty
(Price excluding VAT) 164,46


The VBR-Belgium tactical cut resistant boxer shorts were developed in response to the increasing number of stabs in the lower abdomen, under the bulletproof vest, in the groin and also to the increasing number of mutilations caused by glass attacks in the lower abdomen.
The VBR-Belgium tactical cut-resistant boxer shorts are cut-resistant level 5 over the entire surface and are equipped with 4 sturdy cut-resistant belt loops and on the inside with a soft protective Lycra lining. The tactical cut-resistant box apron is suitable for men and women.
Belts of 25mm or 50mm width can be slid into the belt loops. The gaps between the various belt loops allow for tactical application such as wearing a gun holster or other item along with the cut resistant boxer shorts. This can be helpful when wearing loose clothing such as in warm areas.
Because these tactical boxer shorts are equipped with belt loops, they can be securely fastened by means of a cut-resistant belt so that it is impossible to pull the boxer shorts down. This creates a cut-resistant anti-raped pants as a passive protection to wear above the underpants and under a pants, skirt, robe or burqa and in addition to a cut-resistant protection of the femoral arteries against attacks with knives, it also offers protection to the genitals against attacks with broken glass bottles and also a protection against rape. In other words Anti-Rape Wear.


XS = belly circumference 72cm
S = waist circumference 76cm
M = waist circumference 82cm
L = waist circumference 88cm
XL = waist circumference 96cm
2XL = waist circumference 102cm
3XL = waist circumference 115cm

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Tactical cut resistant Boxer short VBR-Belgium

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