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Special T-shirt to wear under a bulletproof vest. Permanent anti-bacterial effect that combats odors. Gives a fresh and good feeling. The perspiration is drained. Keep your back dry. Very soft fabric. Regulates body temperature. lengthens the spine. Round neck / Raglan mouwen.100% SIO-COOL polyester interlock + / - 130g / m² Colour marine.Kostprijs 30.50 Euro.SIO-COOL is a new concept of multi-functional yarn fast drying, anti-bacterial and deodorizing properties. SIO-COOL combines the softness of cotton with the coolness and care properties of polyester, so you always feel fresh and cool beneath your bulletproof vest. SIO-COOL has excellent moisture wicking properties, dries quickly and is extremely comfortable. SIO-COOL ensures that perspiration does not accumulate, but the surface is disposed so that the skin stays dry longer. Antibacterial effect. Thanks to the NANO silver (Ag) in the fiber, the death SIO COOL highly immune MRSA. This bacterium can be difficult to cure infections. These infections can occur when a bulletproof vest worn in a warm environment with sweat, friction and bad underwear. Moreover, the freshness of your garment retained because the odor is also contested. Silver harms the human body but the antibacterial effect is almost permanently. Fast absorbing & quick drogend.De cross section of the fabric is multi-channel design, allowing the moisture of the skin faster than any substance to the outer layer is transported. This keeps the skin dry for longer and you have a fresh and cool feeling. Especially in summer temperatures SIO COOL recommended under wearing a bulletproof vest.


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