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Cut resistant and stab-proof straight turtleneck Nom-Kev-Spec

Item No.: Col Nom-Kev-Spec-(2021)

Blue fire-resistant, cut-resistant and stab-resistant high turtleneck standard model made of blue aramid and Spec-cool. Is specially designed to be worn under the universal police tui (Combat Police). Can also be worn under a blue aramid T-shirt carrier.
Outer layer is a Navy aramid that is fire resistant and cut resistant. As a lining, this col has 2 layers of Spec-cool, each with a cut resistance of level 5.
The double cut-resistant protection is of course intended against cutting attacks with knives, but the double layer of cut-resistant material also offers good stab-resistant protection against attacks with broken glass bottles or other stabbing weapons.
Also provides warmth during the winter and is easy to put on or take off.
Can be machine washed up to 30 ° C

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