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Sirius bullet spike stab proof body armor vest H02-KR1-SP1

Item No.: Sirius-Police-H02-KR1-SP1
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Stab proof, spike proof and bulletproof vest HG2 KR1-SP1 from Sioen for sale.  

Body armor with zipper in the middle. Black bulletproof vest for security guards. Sturdy cover was also used by police. It therefore has many useful properties that were intended for use by the local and Federal Police, but which are also useful for security guards or security. The vest is suitable for wearing over clothing and offers protection to the front and back and sides. Furthermore, this product offers;

  • A lining in 3D (three-dimentional) tissue which makes for ventilation.
  • A lumbar cushion
  • An elastic in the left front to the right front of the place when closing.
  • An evacuation trade
  • Loops to the radio / micro wire lead under the left front.
  • Easily adjust the shoulder
  • An additional belt on the vest so that the equipment can be split between the service belt and the belt on the vest.
  • Elastics for placing pens or pins under the covers for name and gradenplatjes
  • 2 large Napoleon pockets on the left and right sides of the vest.


Small arms

This officially tested bulletproof vest complies with the proposed HO2 requirements of the English CAST2017 standard. This provides the necessary protection against bullet impacts from the projectiles 9x19mm FMJ DM11A1B2 and 9mm JHP P9HST1 at 430 +/-10m/sec with a trauma smaller than 20mm. This bulletproof vest also offers protection against impacts from projectiles 9mm HS at (350+/-15)m/sec, 9mm TFMJ at (390+/-15)m/sec, 9mm PEP 2.0 at (420+/-15) , 9mm Action 6 SXF at (415+/-15)m/sec and 7.62x25 Tokarev FMJ at (440+/-15)m/sec with all traumas smaller than 20mm and also .357Magnum SPFN at 455 +/-10m/ sec with all traumas smaller than 25mm.

The panels have been officially tested against stab wounds and meet the KR1 requirements of the same standard. It was tested 38 times with the P1/B blade at an energy of 24 joules (maximum penetration of 8mm) and 9 times with the P/1B blade at an energy of 36 joules (maximum penetration of 20mm allowed). In both cases there were no penetrations through the solution.

The solution meets the SP1 requirements of the same standard, it was tested 23 times with the SP awl with an energy of 24 joules, with no penetration through the protection panels.

Also meets the requirements of the KR2 level according to the old HOSDB 2007 standard (44 Magnum with 44mm trauma)
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Sirius bullet spike stab proof body armor vest H02-KR1-SP1