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Mystic NIJ-3A(04)GRAN stab and bullet proof T-shirt

Item No.: Mystic wit NIJ-3A(04)GRAN T-shirt

The Mystic stab resistant and bullet proof T-shirt offers maximum comfort, is easy to use and very flexible. It was developed for everyday use in concealed wear and can be worn under or over clothing or simply over a T-shirt. It was designed to anatomically fit the shape of the male and female body types properly. Has a (front and back) a 360 ° wrap around protection through the use of the Sioen Standard stab and bullet proof packages. Due to its potential use on the skin, special attention has been paid to the use of highly stretchable, breathable and easy-to-clean fabrics. This model has a high degree of breathability.



- Breathable mesh on the sides.

- Easy to put on.

- Discreet vest fits closer to the body due to different fabrics and inner straps that are very elastic.

- Lower skirt that fits in the pants for high stability and increased discretion.

- opening and closing with a zipper on the side.


Bullet proof packages reference: NIJ-3A (04) GRAN


Levels of protection


Gun: The solution has been officially tested and meets level 3A of NIJ0101.04 US standard requirements. The solution protects against 9mm FMJ MC and 44magnum SJHP both (436 +/- 9) m / sec with a maximum of 44mm as well as signature backplane or trauma. As a result of this standard self-bulletproof packages also protect against projectiles. 22 Long Rifle, .38 ACP, .40 Smith & Wesson and .357 Magnum calibers. 9mm V50 from 525 to 538m / sec under the same standard.


Shrapnel: 17 grains FSP (Fragment Simulate Projectile) V50 at 605, 581, 616 and 591m / sec under the STANAG 2920 standard (Edition 3).


Knife: Solution tested under HOSDB2007 English standard procedure with the P1 / B knife at 25 Joules with a maximum penetration of less than 20 mm. Also tested positive under the requirements of the US standard procedure NIJ0115.00 level II with the S1 / G blade at 33 and 50 Joules.


Spikes: Tested under the HOSDB2007 English standard procedure with the SP spike 24 Joules with a maximum penetration of 10mm.

Sizes from XS to 3XL

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